Climate protectionprojects

Projects for protection of the climate

At 11er we have always given a careful approach to nature priority treatment since the beginning. We therefore offset those CO2 emissions which we are unable to prevent or to reduce. We want to actively combat climate change and therefore support 4 projects for climate protection in various parts of the world.

Our carbon credits originate from high-end climate protection projects and a certified according to the Gold Standard VERand the Verified Carbon Standard.

Wind power in Taiwan

Not only will greenhouse gas emissions from the preparation and combustion of coal, gas and oil be prevented through the climate protection project but the emissions of air pollutants hazardous to health such as SOx and NOx... Learn more

Hydroelectric Power in Uganda

The Bujagali Hydropower Project (“the Project” or “Bujagali”) is a proposed hydropower facility on the Victoria Nile in the Republic of Uganda... Learn more

Energy efficiency in China

The Danjiang River Solar Cookers are designed to improve the indoor air quality and living conditions of 100,000 rural households in one of the poorer regions in China... Learn more

Reforesting the Amazon Region

In the Project scenario, deforestation of 35,222 hectares is avoided and 368,374 tCO2eq are reduced yearly over a 30-year period... Learn more