The 4-element strategy

Without the 4 elements of air, water, fire and earth there wouldn't be any potatoes! That is why we have selected to go for offsetting according to the four elements. We are dependent upon fertile soil, unpolluted water, clean air and fire in the form of energy. That is why we offset all CO2 emissions of our company with CO2 credits on the basis of the four elements: Hydroelectric power in Turkey, wind power in Taiwan, energy efficiency in China and forest protection in the Amazonian rainforest of Brazil.


For this project we are supporting two offshore wind farms in Taiwan by which means we not only contribute to the prevention of greenhouse gas emissions but to the prevention of hazardous air pollution too.

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Here in Turkey the altitude differential of the topography is utilized using a run-of--river power plant in order to generate around 127 gigawatt of power. In addition this project provides irrigation of 9,600 ha of land.

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The project consists of three heat recovery plants and a 7.5 megawatt steam turbine for power generation at a production plant for glass in China. Here, around 48,600 megawatt hours of electricity per annum are generated.

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This project protects the rainforest in Brazil. For example the extension of harvesting cycles to 35 years and the protection of rare types of tree have been achieved.

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