The 4 elements strategy

There would be no potatoes without the 4 elements air, water, fire and earth! Which is why we have decided on CO2 compensation in accordance with the four elements. Read on to learn more about the individual projects in our “11er Climate Initiative”.


Wind power in Taiwan


The two wind farms in this project contribute to the expansion of regenerative energies in Taiwan and to smoothing the way for the country’ sustainable development. The project prevents the emission of more than 32,000 tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere every year.


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Hydroelectric power in China


This project consists of several small hydroelectric power plants that generate renewable power for rural districts in southwest China. Additional greenhouse gases are avoided because the hydroelectric power stations feed renewable energy into the local power grid in the form of hydroelectric power. 


The project also supports local social initiatives and helps improve the quality of life in the region through a reliable power supply.  


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Energy-efficient cooking stoves in Ruanda


In this project, we support the distribution of innovative cooking stove technologies in various municipalities in Ruanda. The project benefits not only the environment, because it reduces the consumption of fuels and thus the CO2 emissions. The households also benefit from new, energy-efficient cooking stoves.


They can save costs, cut the emission of pollutants into the room air and additional jobs are created locally through the maintenance and sales of the cooking stoves. 


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Forest protection in the Amazon region


The “REDD +” project stands for the reduction of emissions through deforestation and forest degradation in the Amazon region. It is a funding mechanism to preserve the forests whose main goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, forest clearance and the degradation of forests.


In the first three years of the project, a total of more than 500,000 tons of CO2 emission have already been able to be avoided.


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