11er Micro Pommes

11er Micro Pommes

for the microwave-oven, prebaked, deep frozen, 150g

If it's got to be quick and the tummy's rumbling! Our microwave oven French fries with a preparation time of only 4 min. are just the thing. Whether at home during the TV adverts, for lunch at the office or to quickly meet a child's wish. Ultra crispy and with a sensational taste you've got to have tried them or you'll hardly believe it!


Recommendation: Prepare the frozen product golden yellow according to the preparation instructions. Please do not brown the product too much. For smaller quantities reduce preparation time accordingly.


Do not refreeze after thawing!


1. Important! Press and shake the bag of the microwave french fries before opening it in the closed bag to separate the french fries these from each other. 2.Open the bag on the top seam using scissors. DO NOT TEAR! Remove any loose ice crystals (*Ice crystals may be caused by temperature fluctuations during transport or storage). Refrigerated prepared. 3. Prepare only one bag at a time. Heat the open bag not longer than 4 minutes at 750 - 900 Watt in the microwave. 4. Remove the bag from the microwave and salt to taste. 5.Close the bag, shake it well. 6. IMPORTANT! Leave the bag open for 1-2 minutes. During this time, the French fries develop their full crispiness. *Ice crystals may be caused by temperature fluctuations during transport or storage. Never leave the microwave unattended.

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