The 11er climate initiative explained …

Climate change is the biggest problem facing our generation and is therefore one of our biggest challenges too. We at 11er rely on on fertile soils, clean water and pure air to grow our potatoes. That is why we have always aimed to produce our potato specialities as naturally as possible. In order to preserve this for future generations, it is a matter of course to take a stand against climate change. For this reason, we have launched the 11er climate initiative.


The goal of our initiative is to avoid and reduce CO2 emissions along our entire value chain. Overall, we want to offset at least 25% of our CO2 emissions by 2025 through avoidance and reduction under our own steam. 


The goal of our initiative is climate neutrality along our entire value.-added chain through the avoidance, reduction and compensation of CO2 emissions. Every part of our climate initiative, no matter whether this is directly on our premises or on the potato fields, for example, thus falls within one of the three areas of our climate neutrality. We want to compensate at least 25% of the emissions for which we currently purchase emission certificates by our own efforts through avoidance and reduction by the year 2025.


We laid the foundations for our sustainability efforts back in the 1980s by building a biogas plant on our company premises. But a lot has changed since th

The energy input per kg of raw potatoes has dropped

Today we consume around 41% less energy to process 1 kg of raw potatoes than in 2001.   

Reduction of carbon dioxide

Thanks to a variety of measures, we have cut our carbon dioxide production by over 14,500t since 2004.

14,7 Mio. in “Green Investments”

We have invested continuously in the field of environmental management since 2004 and created the prerequisites for further savings on the path to active climate protection.

energy savings

We have saved around 88 million kWh since 2004. This corresponds to the annual energy demand of 4,400 households*

(*Source: Statistik Austria, oesterreichs energie)


CO2 avoidance & reduction

As a manufacturer of frozen potato specialities, we rely on fertile soils, clean water and pure air. Which is why it goes without saying for us that we oppose climate change in whatever way we can and support climate protection. 


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Our environmental management on site

This is where you will find information about various projects that are being implemented directly on site. The measures in these projects also come together in the “11er Climate Initiative” and help us avoid and reduce CO2.

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The 11er energy cycle

We have reached a new milestone on our path towards circular energy management with the newly built biogas plant. The biogas plant converts the biogenic residues from our production into biomethane with a natural gas quality which is then used to transport our potatoes from our potato store in Bavaria to Frastanz. This saves around 5,500 tons of CO2 every year.


Around 2,600 cars with an average annual mileage of 15,000 km could be run for one year on the biomethane produced from our potato wastes. Excess biogas is fed into our local natural gas grid in Vorarlberg.


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