As a producer of frozen potato specialities, we depend on fertile soil, clean water and pure air. Therefore, it is a matter of course for us that we oppose climate change and support environmental protection.


We want to act and have therefore decided to reduce CO2 emissions along our entire value chain and to avoid them wherever possible. Overall, we want to offset at least 25% of our CO2 emissions by 2025 through avoidance and reduction under our own steam. 




In order to determine where we can avoid CO2 we began by measuring the accumulated CO2 emissions from the production of our products. For this purpose we have on the one hand analysed the entire path of our potatoes; that means from the field via transportation and processing of our potato specialities to their delivery to the refrigerated point of sale at the retail outlet.


and on the other all other sectors of our daily work such as inward and outward journeys of our employees, business travel, printed matter, cleaning materials and refrigerants etc. etc. etc. …


In all these sectors we endeavour to avoid CO2 from the outset.


But of course we still produce CO2 during the manufacture of our 11er potato specialities. Wherever we are unable to avoid the production of greenhouse gases, we have developed various measures that help us at least reduce the CO2 emissions.


A lot of heat is generated in our production facility by deep-.frying our products. We can use this heat in our own heat recovery system to heat up nearly 70,000 l of process water every day for our own production. This allows us to save fossil fuels and reduce the CO2 emissions during the production of our Rösti, French Fries or croquettes.


And all of the electricity we buy comes from hydroelectric power stations; because we believe it is important to cover our power needs with regenerative energy. In addition, the photovoltaic systems installed on the roofs of our deep-freeze warehouses since 2021 enable us to use the solar energy generated 1:1 for the deep-freezing of our potato specialities.

Thanks to our own wastewater treatment plant, we can not only reduce our water consumption but also re-use the treated water directly in production.