The potatoes drive themselves

We have reached a new milestone on our path towards circular energy management and CO2 neutrality with the newly built biogas plant. The biogas plant converts the biogenic residues from our production into biomethane with a natural gas quality which is then used to transport our potatoes from our potato store in Bavaria to Frastanz. This saves around 5,500 tons of CO2 every year.


Around 2,600 cars with an average annual mileage of 15,000 km could be run for one year on the biomethane produced from our potato wastes. Excess biogas is fed into our local natural gas grid in Vorarlberg.


Filling up with natural gas on the company site

The energy cycle on our premises comes full circle with the natural gas filling station, located directly alongside our biogas plant. Our potato trucks can fill up with the natural gas that is processed in the plant before they set off back to the potato store.


But it’s not just trucks for potato deliveries that fill up on our premises. We have now converted the first fork-lift trucks and company cars to natural gas, so that these too can fill up on site What’s more, our own employees as well as various industrial partners also take advantage of the opportunity to fill up their vehicles at our biogas filling station.