11er Puff Pastry

    11er Puff Pastry

    rolled out - deep frozen

    Whether for strudel, pizzette, curd turnovers, pasties or puff-pastry pieces 11er Puff Pastry - rolled out is excellent to work with and makes any pastries whether sweet or savoury a treat! The ready rolled-out sheets of puff pastry are outstanding for the variety of possible applications and make it easy for professional chefs to be creative.


    Leave the flaky pastry in the packaging to thaw out completely in the refrigirator (+4°C, approx. 12 hours).Then roll out on a well-floured surface. Baking time at 190°C-210°C (fan-assisted) in between 20-40 minutes. The baking paper supplied may be used. The rolls of flaky pastry are suitable for various savoury and sweet pastries, such as strudel, quark pockets, mini pizzas, vol-au-vent cases, tarts, etc. Once it has thawed, pastry should be used within 24 hours. Do not refreeze after thawing! Kitchen devices can fluctuate: hence, our recommendations can only serve as guidelines.

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