11er Rosti Donuts

11er Rosti Donuts

savoury, prebaked, deep frozen

Small, round and exceptionally versatile. The deliciously crispy Rosti Donuts are a spicy snack for the “small menu.” Shaped from crispy, golden-yellow potato rostis, they are an ideal finger food snack with spicy dips. Rosti Donuts can be prepared quickly and easily in a number of different ways.


Preheat the combi-steamer to 180 °C. Place the frozen Rosti Donuts in a single layer on a baking tray and bake for approx. 9 - 12 minutes until golden yellow. Turn over half way through.

Deep fryer

Place the frozen Rosti Donuts in preheated frying fat / oil (170 - 175 °C) and fry for approx. 4 minutes until golden yellow (only half fill the frying basket, do not overfill it). Tip: remove excess fat with kitchen paper.

Air fryer

Die Heißluftfritteuse auf 200 °C vorheizen. Die tiefgekühlten Rösti Donuts im Frittierkorb einlagig verteilen und ca. 8 - 10 Minuten goldgelb backen. Frittierkorb gelegentlich schütteln!


Heat a little oil or fat in a pan or on a griddle. Bake the frozen Rosti Donuts over low to medium heat for approx. 4 - 6 minutes until golden yellow (turn over several times). Do not refreeze after thawing!

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