11er Vegetable - Potato - Snack

11er Vegetable - Potato - Snack

small vegetable potato balls filled with cream cheese and chives, prebaked in sunflower oil - deep frozen

Greatest taste in the smallest guise! The new Alpine speciality is here! Are you looking to impress your guests with something exceptional? In that case the 11er Vegetable-Potato-Snack filled with sour cream and chives are just the job. Irresistible taste, quickly prepared and easily apportioned for every occasion.


Preheat the combi-steamer to 180 °C. Bake the frozen vegetable balls for approx. 8 - 10 minutes until golden yellow. Turn over half way through.

Deep fryer

Place the frozen vegetable balls in the preheated frying fat/oil (preheated to 170 °C) and fry for approx. 4 - 5 minutes until golden yellow (only half fill the frying basket, do not overfill it).

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