11er Rustica Mixed Vegetables

11er Rustica Mixed Vegetables

mixed vegetables - deep frozen

Enjoy the colourful variety of the best fine vegetables. Our harvest-fresh 11er Rustica Mixed Vegetables taste incomparably good and are the ideal side dish for fine meat dishes. But enjoyed on their own the delicate garden carrots, runner beans and luscious kohlrabi taste simply delicious too.

Cooking pot

Place frozen into simmering hot water and cook until they have reached the correct consistency, season and use as desired.

Combisteamer (steam)

Preheat the combi-steamer to 150 °C, heat up the desired amount for 7 minutes, stirring once halfway through.


Heat up a small amount of fat in a frying pan. Add the frozen mixed vegetables and fry to the desired golden-yellow colour, tossing them frequently. Do not refreeze after thawing!

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